The Masters of the Mind
Mini Lesson: Change Your Mindset

The Masters of the Mind

Mini Lesson: Change Your Mindset


Bridget, a loyal Masters of the Mind reader, sent me an email telling me that she wants to have a positive mindset. But she says she can’t change her mindset because her instincts and conditioning keep telling her that people are dangerous and untrustworthy. Because of these feelings, she has a very negative mindset.

Bridget also says she watches her thoughts very carefully and can sometimes dismiss the negative programming, but it’s very much hit and miss for her. She wants to learn how she can change her mindset, release the negative thoughts and move forward by taking positive actions.

My initial reaction is to wonder if the negative mindset or negative conditioning came from any trauma or abuse. If so, I suggest she seek out professional medical attention regarding those events, as I am not a trained therapist and can only offer my opinion.

That being said, I’m about to show you and Bridget how people who believe that all people are dangerous often forget a few simple things—things that can often help change their mindset from a negative one that sees all people as dangerous to a positive mindset that sees most people as trustworthy and helpful.

Here’s an example for you:

Every day you probably drive past hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are not only strangers but are people you HAVE to trust. In order to drive a car effectively, you have no choice but to trust that all of these other people will not swerve out of their lanes and crash into you.

The same goes for eating dinner at a restaurant where some stranger is handling and preparing your meal. You have to trust them not to poison you or cause you harm by tampering with the food.

Now, these are very extreme examples. But they are also very real examples of how we do live in a big dangerous world where there is ample opportunity to end our lives without even a moment’s notice. Yet, this is also a world where every system on the planet would quickly collapse if we all held onto a negative mindset, believing most people are dangerous and untrustworthy.

So, I encourage you to sit down and write out a list of 10 more activities you do every day or every week that require you to trust someone else to do their job safely.

I think you’ll be surprised at how this will change your mindset and mental focus from looking for danger to a positive mindset of seeing safe interactions with others. This exercise will open up your mind to the fact that you ALREADY ARE placing a huge amount of trust and faith in other people. You’ve just never thought of it that way before!

It’s actually staggering when you sit down and look at your list.

As for Bridget wanting to learn how to release negative thoughts and take positive action…

Be sure to come back tomorrow because you’ll get my answer to that. Plus I’ll give you my list of the 13 activities I do every day or every week that require me to trust someone else.


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9 Responses to The Masters of the Mind
Mini Lesson: Change Your Mindset

  1. I never really looked at it that way – having to trust hundreds of people everyday that you don’t even know. I didn’t think your examples were extreme, I thought they were right on. Just yesterday I was driving behind a guy on the highway that had a futon mattress strapped to the roof of his car. I was driving behind him for about 10 minutes before it came loose and flew through the air at my car. Since I was driving behind him for 10 minutes, I guess I must’ve trusted him and the fact that he secured that mattress well enough.

    Lisa McLellan
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  2. Hi Michael,

    What wonderful exercise to help people do concrete things to shift their mindset for practical results!

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Internet Dating Success Tips

  3. A very eye opening article, Michael. I don’t think all that many people think of the world in this way every day, and that when you do it opens your mind to how you have to trust people, and that people are generally good.

    An interesting world we have here,

    Mark Hogan

  4. Sonya Lenzo says:

    and we trust those strangers that we walk amongst are not pick pockets ….and that the groceries we buy are good food….that the organic food market really IS organic…if we dissected our day the list would be HUGE….it increases our gratitude as well…
    Sonya Lenzo

  5. Eva Palmer says:

    I would have never thougth that we have to trust many people everyday…the bus driver, the cook at the restaurant,…but you are rigth! You have to trust them all, otherwise our lifes could be very scary.

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  6. Neil Dhawan says:

    Excellent article, Michael,

    That is a fantastic tip – write out 20 ways we trust people everyday/every week. When I read that line, I instantly began thinking of things I take for granted ( read that as “automatically trust” ) without even thinking about it. Thank you for some great advice and I can’t wait to read the advice you give to Bridget about releasing negative thoughts and taking positive actions.

    Stay Extraordinary and Do Great Things, Neil

  7. Kevin Bettencourt says:

    The list making sounds like a terrific way to change your mindset. The Masters of the mind know how to create a positive mindset.

  8. Michael that’s great advice – I do trust people but it’s a really good exercise to actually specify the number of people we rely on each day.

    Eco Friendly Blog

  9. What a great mindset shift! I never thought of things that way, but your point is extremely valid. Can’t wait to read your advice for Bridget tomorrow!

    Cherie Miranda

    Holistic Health Expert

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